Professional Development

Technology is an ever changing field and instructors using technology benefit greatly from In-service and Professional Development Training. Like the leader of an orchestra the more prepared and knowledgeable the instructors are the more improved and the better the outcomes are for students. We believe in hands-on training and update training to keep instructors current and relevant in the information and skills they are providing students.

We provide workshops and training for educational conferences, entire districts and individual instructors. Typically an area where young men excel, our mission is to provide content that all students will find interesting and inspiring. Traditionally, young men have done well in this field. We see their numbers slipping compared to young women and feel our traditional, career centered courses will greatly benefit young men as well.

Introduction Course - 1 Day:
One day. An overview of our STEM based instructor tools and an introduction to the software tools.

The CAD Academy Condensed Training Course - 2 Days
The first day is an introduction to The CAD Academy instructor tools and Engineering Program. Day two consists of an introduction to our Architectural Course and a short overview of Civil and Animation.

Welcome to The CAD Academy Course - 3 Days:
Three day course. The first day is an Introduction to our STEM based instructor tools. Introduction to Engineering and hands-on using SolidWorks. Day two is an Introduction to Architecture and the Building Information Model and hands-on projects using ArchiCAD. Day three is an Introduction to Civil Engineering in the morning with hands-on training and Introduction to Animation in the afternoon with hands-on project.

Contact your local SolidWorks Educaitonal Dealer to arrange classes.

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